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We design diamond jewellery; source each diamond, based on your requirement. Our diamond experts carefully attend to each order. It is not for nothing that we have named our company ‘all yours’.

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This is a super a late review about 3 months later but because i was so satisfied with the product and the way everything was handled I have to put one down. So working with this awesome group, they were able to really get down to the details of everything that my now Fiance and i wanted in an engagement ring. At first, we were pretty sketch because you know reviews can be super faked out but being able to go to the actual location and see everything will helped us out. The employees were good to work with, Language barrier was not a problem, Nirav was the guy we dealt and he helped us get the best deal for the budget we had. A couple things for future buyers to know upfront, they dont take credit card, its all done via electronic transfer. Make sure to have to funds ready to go to make the process go quicker. Also, installments/layaway is also not done. Once the payment is made, they definitely get to work and that is when the wheels start turning and they really get into detail what you want in terms of the setting. All we had to do was get a picture and some measurements and a couple weeks later, we got a legitimate CAD drawing/image and it looked amazing. Once we gave the greenlight to proceed with the design, we were not let down. It was perfect. I'm 150% satisfied to have gone with these guys. Customer satisfaction achieved and now I have a Fiance. Thanks Allyours Jewels. Made another couple happy.
Sal Ramirez (Mexico)
Few things in life are destined.. this is one of them. Getting the exact ring which suits your need is hard to find, but Hemant and his team made it so easy. Quality , variety and availability is second to none. Really appreciate doing business here Thanks again Hemant , Sushil and Prashant to make my life so easy and seamless process towards getting the ring of your dream.. We found Hemant and his crew at Instagram, went to get the engagement ring, end up getting both of our wedding bands too... ...grateful ....
Abhishek Bhattacharya (New York)
Buy diamond from Italy. Best quality, Top Price, amazing patiently so clear to teach me how to choose best stone. Good for all budget! Surely going to buy again at allyours jewels
Lorenzo Bruno (Italy)
It was great to get to speak to Hemant and learn more about diamonds, and although i had to take weeks to figure it all out, he patiently answered and shared knowledge to all of my questions. the process was very smooth, and my order arrived in 2-3 days to America. looking forward to more purchases in the future!
Johan Fisher (Virginia, USA)
Highly recommend them, gave us great advice on the right diamonds to buy for an engagement ring and a wedding band. Then we even got both the rings designed and made by them. A knowledgeable and trustworthy business, I'll definitely come back for more.
Sartaj Kang (Saskatoon, Canada)
My experience using Allyours Jewels has been stress free and beyond expectation from start to finish. AllYours is down to earth, patient and specialist in his field. I had been to many Jewellers and in person! BUT non of them came close to the service I received from Hemant and his team. I saved a fortune and got the quality and the design well within budget. Even with me changing design and my mind on stone shape and size, the patience was never lost with AllYours. I would highly Recommend. He gets all my orders now, and have even recommended you to my family. Trust is a always there! A company of top calibre. UK Brother
Charan-Dev Singh (Birmingham, UK)
Trustworthy and you can get a quality jewel at an amazing price. I love my diamond ring so much and we were able to make one at a fraction of the cost that we'd pay at a high-end jewelry brand. Highly recommended
Marisa Lee (Munich, Germany)
wow wow wow!!!!! the whole process which has been going on for about 6 months back and forth changing my mind and nothing was ever a problem or too much to ask. Your guidance and expertise are impeccable and the customer service outstanding.. I will never buy jewelry anywhere else and you will be highly recommended with people whom i associate with.. The ring and Diamond you have blown out of the park to fit in with my budget .. I was not a easy customer always had questions and change of rings and design and yet you were there every step of the way making sure I got what I wanted.. Thank you again so much Hemant
Ben coombs (Sydney, Australia)