We are all yours.
We are not diamond merchants. We are diamond connoisseurs. Our expertise, just like natural diamonds, has taken years to evolve to be worthy of this world’s love & appreciation.
St. Reunion Islands is a distant island in the Indian Ocean that we hadn’t even heard of. A joyous couple based on this island now happens to be a proud owner of a beautiful pair of studs by all yours.

Similarly, hundreds of diamond lovers across all continents adorn our diamonds and customized jewellery. Except Antarctica (where we hope to ship soon), you will find our customers and creations across all continents.
When it comes to diamonds, there can never be one-size fits all approach.
Each diamonds is unique and precious. Just like you.
This is exactly why we source each diamond and we customize each diamond jewellery based on your requirement and budget.

The all yours team works from the very place where 9 out of 10 diamonds of the world are polished. Our diamonds are sourced directly from the wholesaler, authenticated by the best in the industry and crafted by renowned craftsmen.

Our passion for customized diamond jewellery reflects in our online diamond store. It has only five items. That’s it!

Save of up to 30% on diamonds.
Save up to 80% on diamond jewellery.

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Imagine an expert chef and his team carefully picking each ingredient and bringing their entire expertise too cook something magical for your palette.

Well, that is how we do it for your diamonds and diamond jewellery. As we say, it’s not for nothing that we named our company all yours.
To know more about diamonds, please connect with our founder
Hemant Thaker on +91 9870450490 / jewels@allyours.in
Hemant is a proud school dropout who has read more diamonds than books.
Buy diamonds from anywhere in the world, but spare a moment and talk with Hemant before you do so. The choice after all is all yours.