Diamond Price and quality survey for engagement rings in Central Hong Kong

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Recently i took a Diamond Price and Quality survey for engagement rings offered by Wholesellers in HongKong. The most interesting thing i noticed was that most of them buy from an Israeli diamond manufacturer who has worldwide offices. This manufacturer is closely associated with us and has a good knowledge about various shapes of solitaire diamond and nicely cut . They keep diamonds graded by Gemological institute of America.


“What was the outcome of Diamond price and Quality survey done for Solitaire diamonds in Hongkong”

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Facts Discovered

When i visited various jewellers across Hongkong i noticed that they buy diamonds either from diamond manufacturers of Israel or indian origin. More surprising was that certain jewellers were buying diamonds from diamond traders who used to buy from us. Thus the diamond price will be more than 50 – 70% with the retailers compared to manufacturers. The other thing is that the Quality of diamond they offer are not well assorted like we do.


Markup on Diamonds

More the number of middle men in between diamond manufacturers and Jewellery Retailers , more the margins will be added on each solitaire diamonds that the consumer buys and so more costlier will be the diamonds.


Jewellery Cost Breakup

The normal breakup of a diamond Jewellery in terms of value is given below
Diamonds = 80%
Metal  = 15- 20%
Labour = 5 – 10%
This break up makes it clear that more you save on diamonds more you save on the entire jewellery.


Try Solitaire Safari

Try Solitaire safari . It is a service where we help you buy diamonds right from manufacturers at right price. Not just diamonds , we also help you set diamonds in a piece of jewellery. You can customize your jewellery with our unique service.


Why buy from Diamond Manufacturers

Diamond manufacturers have wide range of diamonds unlike retail jewellers. They offer GIA ,IGI , HRD , EGL certified diamonds as well as non certified diamonds. You get a wide range of shapes to choose like Round , Pear , Oval , Marquise , Heart , Emerald , Princess , Cushion , Radiant ,etc for Solitaire engagement ring
You can also find many pair of diamonds for matching earrings , pendants , Necklace ,etc. Necklace layouts which is very hard to find from retail jeweller will be available with such manufacturers with natural fancy colour .

Diamond price_quality_Necklace layout_Matching earring


Take a guided diamond tour with Solitaire safari and buy right diamonds at right price and save money.

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