wholesale manufacturers of diamonds , source right from miners like de beers, alrosa, dominion , canada mark

various quality, shape, size of diamonds certified by GIA, IGI, hrd and non certified as well

complete details of every diamonds offered.

from fine diamonds to solitaire

hundreds of diamonds to pick in particular criteria. which one to select is what we offer guidance on.

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without a KYC done prior which requires indepth information ,to get it done is a difficult task .

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some one from Kent, Uk had ordered this Band .

we offered them detailed estimation of quality, size, shape etc alongwith options of metal color, finish , other quality of diamonds etc

client confirmed certain quality and they transferred the payment.

moving to next step, we prepared CAD, exchanged it with customer, along with actual diamond images , view on hand to get idea of how big it looks in real

confirming all the details, we moved ahead and set the diamonds in the ring.

it took us 14 days to make it and 3-4 days deliver

due to mishandling , one of the diamond came off which we were quick enough to get it set with our local setter based in wembley, london.

the process of sourcing these diamonds from wholesalers, our inspection has helped the client buy much better quality and save enough money.