Estimation/Quotation/Consultation Fee

Why this FEE? if this is the Question you thinking about than the following Points will bring some Clarity to you


  1. Inspection of large number of Diamonds before selecting one
  2. our Expert Guidance in Selection
  3. sharing of Certificate, Videos and Images
  4. Sourcing From Wholesalers , Manufacturers for Better Price
  5. our Inspection will help you Select Precise Quality
  6. Aset and Ideal Scope Details with Heart and Arrow Images
  7. Detailed Estimation of Wt, Quality , Finish of Metal

lets calculate the benefit!

for Eg: if you have a Budget of 3000 and are going to save 15% , it will be 450. all you play to save is 10. Worth a DEAL , isnt it!


our Estimation Includes

  1. Certificate, Images, Videos of Diamonds
  2. Inspection of 10’s of Diamonds
  3. Gold/Platinum Wt, Finish, Quality Details

bringing Precision in Quality at Lowest price is our Aim!


if you agree to the Above Process than you can pay by Bank Transfer, PayTm, Paypal


if Amount paid, than kindly fill this FORM to send us your Requirement


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