Diamond Tour

Diamonds are Girls Best Friend , we help you know your Friends Better!

part of the Tour

  1. understanding of Diamond Journey
  2. learning to hold it in tweezer, weigh it on scale
  3. know about 4C’s from experts 
  4. visiting Wholesale manufacturers 
  5. viewing of top quality diamonds in real



2-3 Hours



Bharat Diamond Bourse



20 USD 1400 INR per person

pay via Paypal: Allyoursjewels , UPI : hemantthaker@upi, Paytm : 9870450490


10 years and above



work :+91 22 49700627

cell/whatsapp :+91 9870450490

email : jewels@allyours.in



only real Diamond Tour by Experts for Consumers at Wholesale Suppliers

2 Comments on “Diamond Tour
  • Ramesh says:

    We are group of 4, when and how can we enrol for it

  • Christopher Ruggiano says:

    Hello, What city are you located in?
    I maybe visiting India and thought doing a diamond tour and simultaneously proposing marriage would be very romantic.
    I may be working with a company named Pawan Hans Helicopters Limited however not sure of the location as they have many.
    I have also made a request for quote via your system.
    Do you have associate diamond tour and or exchange in NYC or Miami?
    Thanks and regards Christopher Ruggiano


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