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“M” shape Alphabet Diamond Pendant 18kt gold 

an M shape Diamond Pendant made in 18kt White Gold, customer from Ghatkopar Mumbai, Shyam Mehta wanted to make for her daughters birthday.

step 1) design, font style short listed
step 2) estimation approved, measurements , terms confirmed
step 3) diamonds selected and set in jewellery
step 4) engraving done
step 5) delivery done

all the above steps take 10 working days to make a diamond pendant.
we source Diamonds from Manufacturers , select them as per the design that not only makes the product precise but also helps customer save enough money

all the above process cant happen at a store or through an online jeweller

post delivery customer enjoys 1 year Yoga Journal subscription , 3 year maintenance

if you want to make one, visit AllyoursJewels.com


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buying a Pear Shape Certified Solitaire Diamond: Price & Quality compare


buying a Pear Shape Certified Solitaire Diamond: Price & Quality compare 

5 things to know about a Pear Shape Diamond before you Buy .
Price and Quality will matter depending on the Color , Clarity, Cut Shape Size.
a lady from New Delhi wants to know more about Pear SHape diamonds, so following is a simple guide to it

the ideal parameters are as follows
L/W ratio should be 1.48-1.62
depth %: 58-66
table %: 54-62

pear shapes can also have a BOW TIE effect near the belly area which make the portion little Dark, we see to it that we avoid picking such diamonds

Pear shapes can be used for Engagement ring, or a matching Pair for Earrings
also you can use it as a Centre stone for your Necklace

if you are from New York, Mumbai or Hongkong, we can procure the diamond right from the manufacturer , compare with other diamonds and pick the best in price and quality.

you can buy the diamond from us and find a studded and set the diamond in it. it dosnt cost much, infact it will help you save enough



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matching Pair of Pear shape Diamonds price compare for Earrings


matching Pair of Pear shape Diamonds price compare for Earrings 

how to buy a Matching Pair shape Diamond for Earrings? a lady from mumbai wants to buy
it is very important to know the proper parameters of Pear Diamonds like the Table and Depth %, L/W Ratio, cut polish symmetry etc

just buying on basis of certificate or visiting a store is not enough, you need to know what are the most ideal parameters, the following are some quick info

table % 55-64
depth % 54-66

l/w Ratio: 1.49-1.62

unmatching pair of diamonds are like unmatching pair of shoes, if you dont have them right, you cant wear them.

so know your diamonds better before you buy them, if you wish to know than better, than visit us on www.allyoursjewels.com

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Price Difference of same Color Clarity of Diamonds – live Demo


Price Difference of same Color Clarity of Diamonds – live Demo 

why are Price different of Solitaire Diamonds with same Color Clarity?

a lady from Chennai wants to buy one for her Pendant
we provided a Live Demo

same Color , Clarity Diamonds can have different price due to several reasons
1) Size. a 1.01ct will cost lesser than a 1.30ct , smaller to bigger will have same effect on price lesser to higher

2) Better or Lower level of Color or Clarity. same Color/ Clarity have a range of better side or weaker side of it. if you see a lighter shade of J color it, than you have to pay more compare to a straight J color or a lower J, the difference can be easily identified by a diamantaire

the same diamond Graded by GIA of J color SI1 Clarity has a chance to fetch better color and clarity at other labs like IGI or HRD due to their own grading standards.

the same diamond graded by different laboratories with different grades should cost you the same amount. jewellers use this as a trick to attract customer by offering them better grades and higher discount, but in reality it is not.

Diamonds comprise nearly 80% of the amount of your Jewellery. so it is very essential to understand all the factors before you buy one.

we are based in Bharat Diamond Bourse and source diamonds from all the major Diamond markets of the world. we can offer you wide range of diamonds that will not only help you buy a better one but also help you save enough money

if you wish to know more about a certified Solitaire Diamond for your Engagement Ring, Pendant, Earrings, visit us on www.allyoursjewels.com

Hemant Thake

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Solitaire Diamond Bangle, price , how to buy online


Solitaire Diamond Bangle, price , how to buy online 

a Lady from New Delhi wants to buy / Make Diamond Bangles online.

our process will help you buy Precise quality as we check every diamonds to be identical to other Diamond in terms of Color Clarity Size , Cut.

also sourcing right from the manufacturers based in mumbai, helps you save enough money. it is estimated that diamond consist 80% of the entire jewellery amount, so it is very essential to buy right diamonds.

jewellery stores dont make most of the jewellery displayed in their store. they take it on Memo from other manufacturer, as the jeweller dosnt know how much is the exact diamond weight, clarity and color of it, only thing they can do is weigh the bangle which only shows the gold wt of it.

so it is always better to make it customized the way we do , as we hand pick diamonds every diamond set them in 18kt gold, so we know what is going in the jewellery.

if you wish to know anything related to jewellery or wish to make one visit us on www.allyoursjewels.com

Hemant Thaker

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[/bsf-info-box][ultimate_heading main_heading=”TYPE OF DIAMONDS POPULAR IN NEW DELHI” spacer=”line_with_icon” line_height=”1″ icon=”Defaults-inr rupee” icon_size=”32″ icon_color=”#8224e3″ main_heading_font_family=”font_family:Cinzel|font_call:Cinzel” margin_design_tab_text=”” sub_heading_style=”font-weight:bold;”] FINE DIAMONDS

Color: Brown and Yellow which are known as LB LC in trade

Clarity: SI and Pique


in certificate you will find most of the Diamonds with grades of the above Quality



mostly of Round shapes and IGI HRD certified H I J K L color VS VVS clarity


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  1. send us your request on jewels@allyours.in
  2. Budget, Type of Jewellery