Hari krishna exports is founded by savji, ghanshyam dholakiya. it is a major manufacturer who source its rough diamonds right from Miners like De Beers, Alrosa sourcing from a wholesale manufacturer like hari krishna is like sourcing from Amazon. too many choice at great price. but how to know what to select?

They share in depth information of 4c’s and other important additional info. question is, can consumer understand and decide on that basis? answer is : No! just as we cant completely understand our own Blood report, consumers also dont understand what is mention on the diamond report. we as an Expert/Guide offer our Guidance so that your as a consumer dont make any mistake buying these diamonds.

Hari krishan exports offers diamonds, from 0.01ct upto 20 ct d -z color, if-i1 clarity of various shapes certified by reputed labs like Gia, Igi, Hrd one can also source fancy color diamonds and other non certified diamonds of Brown, Yellow Shapes.

Our guidance has helped many customers across the world do get in touch with us to help you buy diamonds from hari krishna www.allyoursjewels.com