Type of diamonds used in South Korean jewellery

Korean customer prefer SI1 - SI2 qaulity of diamonds for jewellery


What diamonds does South Korean jewellery use?

People from South korea use good quality of SI1 and SI2 quality of diamonds. Some even prefer I1 clarity of diamonds. They always avoid diamonds with Twinning wisp as an inclusion. What is even more interesting is that even if a diamond is certified by GIA , they trust their local labs more than anyone else.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][dt_quote]

“What types of diamonds are used for making jewellery in South Korea ?”

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What should one take care while buying SI1 or SI2 clarity of diamonds?

Usually incase of diamonds having SI clarity one needs to check the inclusion in a diamond. Below points be kept in mind.

1. The inclusion should not be visible to a naked eye.

2. Avoid buying diamonds having fracture , open or cavity

3. Avoid buying diamonds which look milky or hazy and have heavy cloud. Such inclusion make diamonds look dull.

Who can help Consumers source such diamonds after checking ?

With AllyoursJewels you can rest assured that every diamond passes through a strict quality Control by Diamond Expert. Every diamond may come with a certificate but certificates do not recommend which diamond is right and which is wrong.


Can one buy from Online store or Retail jeweller for South Korean Jewellery ?

Most online stores help you with the price of a diamond and certificates but they do not check them personally or recommend right diamonds. Retail jewellers on the other hand have limited inventory to select diamonds of your choice.


Unique offering from Allyoursjewels

1. We are based in the diamonds market of india where 9 out of 10 diamonds are cut , polished and traded.
2. We source directly from the manufacturers and pass on benefits to the consumers. Middle men’s like wholesalers , Traders and Jewellery manufacturers are eliminated which saves lot of money on diamonds

How to source precise quality diamonds at good price from us ?

It can be done in 3 simple steps
  1. visit www.allyoursjewels.com and fill up forms which has details like prefered shape of diamond , color , clarity , budget ,etc
  2. We provide estimate for your desired diamond or jewellery. You can compare it with any store or etailers. we assure you our estimate will beat them
  3. Once you approve estimation and make payment , Our diamond expert will source diamonds for you. We can also help them stud in jewellery and finally ship it to you.