Diamond ring buying tips for Consumers

Diamond ring buying tips


Are you buying right diamond ring for yourself?

If you are buying a diamond studded ring for yourself for the first time , you should know some important things about it. First thing is to get a jewellery certificate from the jeweller. It has important details like diamonds weight , color, clarity , Gold weight , gold purity and gold color.
Certificate also specifies if it is hallmarked , eligible for buy back , exchange policy and much more.


“What points should one keep in mind before buying diamond studded ring ?”

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For a Diamond Ring what is more important ? Value of Gold or Diamond ?

As a percentage of the entire jewellery , Diamond comprises 80 – 85% , gold comprises of about 10-15% and labour 5%. Hence procuring right diamonds at right price is of immense importance.

Unique Offering by Allyoursjewels

We can help you save money on every piece of jewellery. Be it loose diamond studded jewellery or a Solitaire diamond jewellery. We are based in the mumbai’s diamond market where 9 out of 10 diamonds in the world are cut , polished and traded. Hence we source directly from manufacturers and pass on the benefit to consumers.

How can one source diamonds from Allyours jewels ?

Sourcing can be can done in 3 simple steps
  1. visit www.allyoursjewels.com and fill up a simple form. Form has important details like your budget , the type of jewellery you wish to make , send us a design
  2. As per your requirement we will make an estimation for you. You can compare our estimates with any local or online jeweller. We gaurantee our estimation will be better than that of others.
  3. Once you like the estimation , you can wire us the money. We will go around in the market and source diamonds for you. We can also stud them in a piece of jewellery and ship it to you.

Our complimentary offerings

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