Why Small jewellers and big brands co-exist

Customized jewellery with diamond setting


Why do Small jewellers co-exist with big branded jewellers like Kalyan jewellers ?

Definitely Kalyan jewellers has strong presence across various cities. While bulk jewellery production capacity is its positive , Its heavy advertising and overhead expense can be its negative. Also each design has 1000s of jewellery pieces and distributed across the country.
Small jewellers can make itself stand out with unique designs and customized products to match consumer’s budget. Also it has low overheads and less advertising expense.


“How do Small jewellers stand stiff competition from big Jewellery Brands?”

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Budget jewellery , Custom feature or Something Unique

Small local jewellers can make itself stand the competition by offering something different than the branded jewellers. It can customize jewellery as per local consumer taste , within budget or something unique with good price point. They can give options of various quality and colors of diamonds for jewellery for instance.

 How Customized diamond jewellery benefit people ?

It can definitely save consumer’s money. If a jeweller procures right diamonds at reasonable price it will bring down cost of jewellery. About 80 – 85% of a jewellery value is comprised of diamonds.

Is such a customized service available with jewellers ?

Yes !! Allyoursjewels offers a unique service where we source diamonds directly from the manufacturers. This brings down cost of diamond significantly and get precise quality. Its really easy and can be done in 3 simple steps
  1. Visit our website www.allyoursjewels.com . Fill in the “Diamond Tour” or “Jewellery tour” form and specify your budget and type of jewelery.
  2. We hand pick best diamonds and send you the estimation. You can also compare our price with any jeweller , we will surely beat their price.
  3. If you approve the estimation , we will buy diamonds  stud it in the jewellery piece and ship it to you.

Benefits from sourcing diamonds through us

  1. Every solitaire will accompany certificate from internationally recognized labs like GIA , IGI , HRD
  2. Free message engraving
  3. 1 year free jewellery maintenance
  4. 1 Year complimentary yoga journal subscription
  5. Door step delivery