Things to know about Pear shape diamond

Pear Shape_Shapes of diamond


What are the things one should know about Pear shape diamond?

A user on Quora from Los Angeles asked about Pear diamond. Pear shape diamonds are one of the most beautiful shapes of diamonds. It gives a look of a drop of water or a leaf. They have an elegant look specially when stud in Pendants or Ear studs. From price point Pear are cheaper than round shape diamonds.[/vc_column_text][dt_quote]

“What should i know about Pear shape diamonds ?”

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What factors make a Pear shape diamond perfect.

The most important factor is the Length to Width ratio. The formula is derived by Length divide by Width. Usually you will find that a solitaire will accompany a certificate from an internationally recognized lab. The Length and width are written in the certificate. The Ideal ratio should be between 1.48 to 1.63.

The Table and Depth

The table of a diamond is the largest facet of a diamond. The table % should ideally be between 55 – 62%. The Depth is the measurement between the table and the culet. The Depth % should be between 55 – 63%. These criteria makes a diamond look perfect in shape.

What color , Clarity , fluorescence combination is good?

If you are buying higher color like D-G avoid any kind of fluorescence. If you are buying lower color like H-M you can have Medium to strong fluorescence. Because fluorescence will absorb the darkness of the color and makes it look lighter.

Clarity : When you buying an SI clarity of diamond just be sure there is no inclusion visible to naked eyes. If you are buying a VVS or VS clarity of diamond you need to loupe it and make sure there are no major cavity or indented natural or heavy black crystals.

Where to source diamonds from ?

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