Learn to customize engagement ring

Learn how to Customize engagement ring


Is it important to learn to customize engagement ring

Recently we had an interesting question on Quora asking if it is important to learn to customize an engagement ring. Definitely it is important being an important occassion like Engagement. Its a once in a lifetime event. Its like making your imagination come true.


“Why should one learn to customize engagement ring?”

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Personalized Experience

Learning to customize engagement ring is more of a personalised experience. You have an opportunity to get things done as per your own choice. You select the design , you choose the solitaire , Select your favourite gold like white , yellow or rose gold. You can get a message engraved on the ring as per the font style you like.

Once in your lifetime event

Engagement is a once in a lifetime event and obviously one will like to make it most memorable. There are family jewellers who can help you but they have limited option of solitaires to offer. You can try an online store but they do not allow physical inspection of solitaire diamonds. Hence we introduced “solitaire safari” which allows you to select from wide range of solitaire diamonds , inspect them personally , save a lot of money and also get expert advice from our diamond expert.

How Solitaire safari helps

“Solitaire safari” helps you to
1. Save Money – By sourcing diamonds directly from manufacturers
2. Get Expert Guidance – from our team of diamond experts with more than 15 years of trading experience
3. Personal Viewing – we take consumer to view diamonds personally so they can rest assured they are buying right
4. Right product, right price – Diamonds are in our DNA , so we understand which diamond to buy at what price . Also all our diamonds come with Internationally recognised labs like GIA , IGI , HRD, etc
5. Customize – helps customize as per your style and budget
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