Things to know about Princess cut diamond

Princess cut diamond having 4 corners


Things to know about Princess Cut Diamond

A Princess cut is a square shape diamond having 4 Corners. This diamond is certified by GIA. The proportions are Excellent – Excellent which means it is properly shaped. Nice Table and Depth parameters.
Ideal Proportion of Table , which is the largest facet in a diamond should be from 67% to 75%. The Depth portion should be between 67% to 76%. There are diamonds with variations in the Table and depth proportions but they will definitely impact the overall look of the diamond. Also the Length to Width ratio should be between 1.00-1.05.
One should also check the color of the diamond , placing diamond in a pure white colored shade card , in a room that is dark with no Sun light coming in. This is done to check if it is pure white or has a brown or green tinge . Diamond having Brown or green tinge is not bad but their prices will be lower than the pure white diamonds


“What are the things one should know before buying Princess cut diamond?”

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The Risk

If you view the diamond with a Loupe you will notice that the corners are very sharp. Hence if not handled with care while storing or grading, there is a possibility of corners chipping and cavities emerging. These things will not be mentioned in the certificate , because it was not there while grading.

The Price

If we make a price comparison between a princess cut and a round shape diamond, you will certainly find Princess cut diamonds cheaper. E.g A Princess cut diamond of 1.00ct G color and VS1 clarity will be cheaper by approx. 25 – 30% compared  to 1.00ct Round shape diamond of G color and VS1 clarity.
It is also 10 – 15% cheaper than Pear , Marquise , Oval shape diamonds. But about 5% expensive compared to Emerald cut diamonds


Princess cut diamonds are very popular in America. You can find these diamonds studded in Rings with invisible setting or you can also find many Solitaire diamond jewellery. But this shape is not so popular in other parts of the world specially China , India , etc

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