Certified solitaire diamond price and quality

certified Solitaire diamond price and quality


Certified solitaire diamond price and quality

Today we are discussing about Solitaire diamond price and Quality of an HRD Antwerp certified diamond.


Rare Size of a diamond

The bigger the size of diamond the rare is its availability. Here we have a Round Brilliant cut diamond of 7.54cts. Further getting a higher quality of diamond like VVS2 clarity is much more rare compared to other lower clarity of diamonds like the VS or the SI.


“Where are HRD Certified diamonds mostly traded?”

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The Package

This spectacular size of diamond weighing 7.54cts , with an exclusive VVS2 clarity and I Color is a good combination in terms of color , clarity and cut. It is a perfectly cut diamond with Cut , Polish and symmetry being Excellent ,Excellent , Excellent. The Table with 59% and Depth with 62% makes it a technically perfect. All these factors make it shine and look brilliant , lustrous.
To add to its beauty is the diameter of 12.50MM and has no Fluorescence at all.


Usually it is found that manufacturers get 2ct and bigger size diamonds graded from HRD or IGI. HRD certified diamonds are in good demand from countries like Thailand , Belgium , Australia , Indonesia, South America, Dubai, Middle east


The price of this 7.54cts I VVS2 diamond is just below US $200,000. If you are interested to buy this diamond and want to fix appointment with manufacturer of this diamond or have any other query , write to us on jewels@allyours.in