Importance of diamond cut ,clarity or color

Cut , clarity and colour comparison


Diamond cut , clarity or color ,what is more important ?

Recently someone asked an interesting question on Quora. What is more important – cut , clarity or color of a diamond ? There are various answers to this from various people. However in our opinion , Cut is the most important factor followed by color and clarity.


“Why cut of a diamond is more important compared to clarity and color ?”

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Why we stress more on Cut of Diamond ?

The most important thing of all the factors is the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond. If there is no sparkle there is no attraction for a diamond. A diamond can be of excellent cut , good cut or fair cut. Excellent cut means it is cut perfectly and allows maximum light to pass through it. Thus it gives diamond more fire and sparkle

A nicely cut diamond compared with poorly cut diamond

The image on the left is a nicely cut diamond , hence it has brilliance . The image on the right is of poorly cut diamond so it looks dark and has no sparkle which makes it look dull.


Does it mean color and Clarity of diamond is of least importance?

Definitely color and clarity of diamond are of much importance. Infact the 4C’s of diamond which derives the value of a diamond includes Color , Clarity , Cut and Carat weight.
Considering that one has same weight , color and clarity of diamonds and has to choose between a Very good cut diamond and a poor cut diamond. One should go for a Very good cut diamond. Also if Budget is a constraint , we would suggest to go for 1 color grade or 1 clarity grade down.

General Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions regarding diamonds. Some believe that even a slight black spot in the diamond will bring misfortune. Also there are people who ask lesser price for diamonds having medium or strong flourescence but it does not in anyway affect the life of a diamond .

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