Diamond Jewellery Certificate Hack

Diamond jewellery certificate hack


Diamond Jewellery Certificate Hack

One of our client purchased a diamond studded ring from a jeweller in mumbai , India. Surprisingly when this ring was certified with 2 different laboratories , both gave different quality grades.


Act of Caution

It was very obvious that such certificate will create suspicion in a consumers mind. The question is “Why would a jeweller do this act?” As a diamantaire we could realise it sooner than the consumer. We always tell buyers that most of the traditional jewellers dont have right knowledge about jewellery. They are into the business of making better balance sheets or just make money through cheap hacks.


“Can Same engagement ring be given different quality grades by two different laboratories?”


Whats the hack ?

The hack here is that different laboratories have different grading parameters and tolerance levels. Some jewellers take the advantage of this process by submitting same piece of jewellery to different labs. Usually they play this hack with engagement rings or one with Solitaires. Finally they pick the certificate where they get higher grade. when a diamond is mounted it is very difficult for the grader to make a precise judgement of the color, clarity grades.
jewellers take advantage of this hack and make extra buck or some pass it to buyer ,claiming it as extra discount or a cheap deal.

How can you be safe ?

To avoid such instances it is advisable to buy a non mounted solitaire diamond which is already certified by the same lab. An unmounted solitaire diamond is graded precisely and can be verified online with ease.
Upon selecting the design the solitaire can be set in the ring , and then sent to the lab again to get the entire ring certified. This is a better process .
At Allyours Jewels we always follow this process and make our clients buy securely and precisesly
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