Source Jewellery and diamonds MadeinIndia



How to source Jewellery and diamonds madeinIndia ?

Source Jewellery and diamonds madeinIndia through a unique concept called “Solitaire Safari” erstwhile DiamondTour an Allyoursjewels initiative. An initiative that resembles with #MakeinIndia under which one can source diamonds and Jewellery that are made in india.

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“Why Source diamonds and Jewellery that are made in India?”


  1. India has been a world leader in producing polished diamonds and a major source of diamonds to the world.
  2. Almost 9 out of the 10 diamonds in the world are cut , polished and traded in India.
  3. The value of a diamond jewellery is almost 80 – 85% diamonds , 10 -15% gold and about 5 – 10% Labour
  4. Sourcing diamonds directly from Diamond manufacturers in india can save 20 – 25% on the value of diamonds.
  5. Option to choose from 1000s of solitaire diamonds unlike a family jeweller or an Online store

How Solitaire Safari #DiamondTour can help you source diamonds and jewellery from India?

The Process Flow

  • Fill up a form with your preference for shape of diamond , size , color and clarity of diamond along with budget
  • We go around in the diamond market and search for the best available diamonds that fit your criteria
  • We send you estimation for the selected diamond(s)
  • You send us confirmation and payment
  • Upon receiving funds we buy the diamond and ship it to you.
  • If you are located in Mumbai you will have an opportunity to view the diamond personally
  • We can also help you set diamonds in a jewellery .
  • We can customize jewellery for you as per your style and budget.
  • You can choose between white ,yellow or rose gold
  • We help to personalise your jewellery by engraving your favourite message

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How to make chandelier diamond earring ?

Chandelier Diamond earrings


How to make customised chandelier diamond earring ?

To make customised chandelier diamond earring one has to decide on the design , gold quality , budget and accordingly decide on the quality and colour of diamond. At Allyoursjewels you can get your chandelier diamond earring customised in simple steps.


“What process is followed to make a chandelier diamond earring at Allyoursjewels?”

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The Making of Jewellery

When it comes to making any diamond studded gold jewellery one must know the share of  each component in value terms. With our more than 8 years of experience we can give an estimated breakdown of cost for jewellery as mentioned below.
Diamond’s Value          = 85%
Gold’s Value                 = 10%
Labour’s Value             = 5%
Total Jewellery Value  = 100%


The Process Flow

  1.  Client submits your desired jewellery design and preferences in terms of quality of gold and diamonds
  2.  We email estimates to the client
  3. Client approves estimates
  4. CAD , CAM , CAST gets ready and we send it to clients for approval
  5. Upon approval we handpick diamonds , check their color , clarity , shade ,etc.
  6. Put the selected diamonds in Matching box , reject few diamonds and select the best of the best diamonds
  7. Diamonds studded in the jewellery cast , polished , rhodium done and Engrave clients message (Applicable for ring and bands)
  8. Client makes payment
  9. Upon receipt of payment , we ship the jewellery.


Why Choose Allyoursjewels ?

  • We customize every jewellery to fit your budget
  • We source diamonds right from the diamond manufacturers – helps you save enough money
  • We handpick diamonds , offer precise colour and clarity of diamonds
  • We engrave message to personalise your jewellery
  • We offer Handmade jewellery as well as Machine made jewellery as per clients preference
We assure you of getting best customized diamond studded gold jewellery as per your style and budget

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